Flex Sensors (for hair)

Comfortable and reliable
Dry, through-hair, EEG sensor
Low-noise recordings 

Until now, building a high quality, dry EEG sensor has been a challenge. Current designs are often large, unwieldy and uncomfortable (metal pins on scalp!). Signal quality has been inconsistent – often with difficult and long setup times to get an acceptable signal.

We are in the process of releasing a full product line of wireless EEG headsets from 6 to 64 channels that will use this dry electrode for mobile EEG research.Cognionics has developed, originally for Defense applications, a patent-pending flexible dry electrode specifically to overcome the limitations with dry EEG. Our sensor is optimized for sliding through hair for high-quality scalp contact. In conjunction with Cognionics amplifiers, low-noise EEG recordings are possible without the need for any scalp preparation, wet gels or cleanup!

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